Polaroid Gallery

How Deep Is Our Friendship?

Back in France, I remember hearing people referring to me as a free electron, or “électron libre”. This expression describes someone independent from conventions, or an atypical person.

Sophia and me in Berlin. Children are wonderful and can utter such wise words at times.

Years later, I am still reflecting on it: What kind of friendships to these people have?

I read an interesting article published by Michele Phoenix, about Missionary Kids. Actually it applies to Third Culture Kids as well.

She talks about “The Time/Depth Dilemma“. According to her, these children, MKs and TCKs, even as adults, need depth to build friendships. They tend to dive deep and do so very fast when they encounter a new person.These people have an inherent sense that experiences must end. That time is limited.
This awareness contributed to me picking up photography. A way to capture these precious memories that were soon to disappear away like sand in the wind.

The people featured in My Polaroid Collection had at a certain point in life, been vehicles of that depth. To me, even if they were short, and defined by a specific time and space, they are meaningful. I used to capture these moments, before the era of over-digitalization.

Below, the interview with my friend Gerard. He appears on several pictures walking around Budapest, Hungary.

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