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About my Estimate Completion Date

Last week, I checked my case status online via my Account on USCIS’ website .

I went to processing time tab, then selected the form I applied for, in my case it’s form N-400 Application for Naturalization in office service of Brooklyn, NY. You have a long dropdown menu available, and you can basically select the status of any application processed by USCIS.

When I login into my account this is what I see now.

As of last week, the Estimate case completion time used to be January 2020. As of today Sunday, may 26th and since I last checked, on Friday, may 24th, the estimate case competition time is June 2020. An additional 6 months has been added.

It feels like the Brooklyn office is heavily backlogged. On a personal level, since I too work with applications and files for my daily job, I can understand that staffing and volume can create delays for processing time when the volume increases and staff doesn’t. But, the internal office’s job is to balance this. I just wonder what’s going on to create such delays for New York, when other offices expedite N-400 in a couple months only. In my opinion, management of such a high volume office isn’t done efficiently enough.

Another way to check your account is to login via Case Status Online and enter your Receipt Number. The status will look the following way. (I blanked out my Receipt Number for privacy)


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