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This page features Photo Stories of Road Trips, Travels, and captures of Life. I am interested in photography since childhood. At seven or eight years old, my mother noticed that for a child, I had skill in composition and framing. She later entrusted me with the task of taking portraits. I remember feeling proud of it. Especially when she mentioned that some adults can’t frame photos at all.
For my first Summer Camp, known as “Colonies de vacances” in French. I received a disposable camera, or “Appareil jetable“. It was thrilling to be able to capture these unique childhood moments. During the trip, someone took my camera and snapped this picture of me with a pony. I still don’t know who did it.

This one was taken on the last day of our “colonies de vacances”. If I remember well, the girl with the glasses, on my right was Barbara.

It’s not very exciting for a child to take pictures you only see on paper days or weeks, if not years later. But there was something magical happening when you finally get to see them. This is particularly true when you travel a lot, and your memories become so precious.
My mother has a wonderful sense of capturing unique moments. She knew they were going to be meaningful in the future, she took photos quite often and I am so grateful she did.

I kept my own photo archives since the early 2000s. I saved quite a while to get myself a Nikon camera. In high school, we were fortunate to have a small lab as well as a “Photography Club”. My girlfriend and I were the only ones taking advantage of it. Great times playing around with chemicals, lenses and saving money to buy film
In the upcoming posts I will feature de following locations: France, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland

Côte de Granit Rose

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