How to Handle The “Where Are You From?” Question?

When you have a slight accent, you grow familiar with hearing the question “Where Are You From?” 

When the characteristics of my perfectionism, have the best of me I lean toward accuracy with an impulse to respond as truthfully and accurately as possible. Super hard in a world where Human attention span is 8 seconds, and decreasing every year.

In that spirit, I thought to create a timeline. Something I have dreamed to do when I discovered TimelineJS. It will be an extension of my page “About”, but I am hoping to include other profiles of interesting people from around the world to have an opportunity to share more about their home countries and hometowns.


    What Makes My Region (Oblast) Unique?

    ASTRAKHAN What makes my region (oblast) unique? I thought of many ways to share about my hometown region, even considered digging into some archives to tap into that nostalgia, I will make it informational though. I am originally from the Astrakhan Oblast. The Southern Region of Russia neighboring Kazakhstan, in proximity of the Caucasian states,…


    (Post in the works)


    (Post in the works)


    (Post in the works)



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