About Me

My name is Eleonora, and welcome to this space. Heraclitus once said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” We are constantly witnessing a world being in a constant state of flux. At least, if we care to observe it. Personally, change has been defining my life.

Born in Russia, I moved to France when the Soviet Union collapsed. With the eyes of a child, I still remember seeing a world in “grey” back in the Motherland. Life in France has been rich, vibrant and joyful. I am now settled in New York City.

When you live in such a vibrant and magnetic big city you keep on meeting incredibly interesting people. I don’t think I met a dull person here. This is the first time I try to share personal thoughts in an actual blog. You might have stumbled upon my other one, about tea, “Humble Tea Leaf“. This space will be of a different nature. Thanks for reading.