Living Abroad

Leaving Your Country for Another


First Hand Accounts of Moving or Settling Abroad

Some of you have made that decision on your own, others have experienced it through the decisions made by relatives, either way, they had an impact on our lives.

This section features interviews of courageous people who took a leap of faith and left their home countries to experience something very different.

We all have different motivations to leave. Every journey is unique, enriching, and worth sharing. I hope you will find these experiences useful and inspiring.

From Haiti to the United States

I am so happy that Reginald agreed to share his story on today’s post. Interestingly, Reggie and I virtually met when I used to Livestream on Periscope. We became friends since, and I have to admit, should meet in person way more often. How was life in Haiti like?   The best part about living in…

From the French Riviera to the Canadian Grand North.

I am very excited to introduce you to my long time friend Gérard whom I met in High School, back when we both lived and studied in France. He is now living and working in the Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada. On my side, I am still living and working in New York City.…



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