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Songs Capturing the Russian Soul

Due to the recent events (Russia-Ukraine), I tried conveying what was going on in my head to a friend who asked how I was feeling. I told him that I tried not to get caught up in things and found the stoic approach to be appropriate. (Easier said than done). Trying to take a little…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Eleonora. Previously a French-English /German-French translator, with a couple of years in the Broadcast Media and Marketing business. I started this website to help anyone going through the process of expatriation. Leaving your home country and settle in a new one sounds glamorous yet until you experience it you don’t realize all the challenges that come along the way. Always remember that at the end, your experience will be rewarding and so worth it! This website is about transitions and learning.

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Expat Book Shop

The Expat Bookshop was started in late 2011 by Jo Parfitt and the team at Summertime Publishing. In 2015, Summertime was joined by her little sister, Springtime Books. Together they bring you the best books for expats by expats.

Expat Bookshop is managed by Jack Scott. Contact him here.


eDiplomat Global Portal

Great resource to learn about Global Etiquette around the world. eDiplomat is an independent, non-profit organization, unaffiliated with any government. Their mission is to raise awareness of and increase interaction among diplomats across the globe. has grown into the leading global portal for diplomats. They provide news, advice, and services to the worldwide diplomatic community.



Numbeo cost-of-living calculator

Online database of user-contributed information about the cost of living in cities around the world. Great statistics when planning to move into a new city from house prices to income ratios, groceries etc.



Global expat community with forums and pages dedicated to cities and regions. The extra features require the “Albatross Membership”. I joined in 2013 and their community has greatly grown since. You can connect with expats from around the world sharing common interests such as opera, museums, photography etc.


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