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Case status after Biometrics

I just had my biometrics done yesterday morning and everything seems to have gone just fine. It’s the second time I have to go through the process, first time being for my I-485, aka my Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.

Entrance of the USCIS building in Brooklyn.

Starting now, no one can really tell how long it is going to take. What I usually do is check online, as well as Immigration blogs to get a feel for it. Other applicants like me share their timelines on VisaJourney.com for example, so you can get an idea of the status as it’s different for everyone. I read that you get a notice for the interview at least one month in advance. I will keep you posted on how long it is going to take for me. Currently on the USCIS Website, the Estimated case completion time is:

January 2020 (11 months)

Either way, my plan now is to prepare for my civic test. I already downloaded an app for the 2019 US Citizenship test and they also give you a study booklet during the Biometrics Interview, which is nice.

Civic Test Study Booklet

It’s actually way more interesting that I thought, even though I will have to remember the names of my State senators and governors… being in New York. I feel quite confident about the civic test, since I actually have interest in the country and what’s going on here politically speaking.

My Biometrics Appointment took place at the USCIS office in Brooklyn. It wasn’t hard to find and I made sure to try to get there around 8am, right when they open. As I got off the Subway (D Line for the New Yorkers out there), I realized it’s far from being a crowded area at this time of the day. Another guy was walking along checking his google map, you guessed it, he too was on his way to the USCIS.

I barely had to wait and the officers were really on top in handling the queue. We could sit comfortable and the closer you’re from your turn, they call the numbers to sit in red chairs at the front. It’s pretty organized and courteous in my opinion. It took 5 minutes tops to do my fingerprints and snap a photo, then they gave me a survey card to fill out and put in a box and that’s it! I was like “This is it?” I was in shortly after 8am and out before 9am. I thought I’d be arriving late at work but actually made it right on time for my shift. Not bad honestly!


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